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Alabama Car Insurance

Alabama Car Insurance: Getting the

Right Coverage in AL

Car insurance involves many factors that play an important role in
determining the cost of car insurance. Also, the different traits of car
insurance differ from state to state. What is applicable in one state
may not comply with the legal requirements of another state. Each state
has its own criteria to set the minimum requirement of coverage in an
insurance policy. It can heavily depend on the state’s traffic rules,
rate of accidents and so on.
We will now look at the minimum legal requirements that need to be
followed when getting car insurance in the state of Alabama. Like many
other states in the US, the state of Alabama requires that drivers be
insured against various adverse and catastrophic events. Owners of
vehicles with no insurance coverage will have to face several legal
proceedings that are carried out as per the various applicable laws in
the state of Alabama.

Car Insurance Requirements in Alabama

Many car insurance companies in Alabama offer optional coverage for
collision, medical expenses and insured and uninsured motorist coverage.
However, the car insurance law in Alabama requires vehicles to be
insured with a liability car insurance policy.
Alabama state requirement requires drivers to have minimum amount of
liability insurance of 20/40/10. This means that a minimum of $20,000
must be paid for every one person injured in one accident, $40,000 for
the injuries of all persons involved in one accident and $10,000 must be
paid for the damage to property in an accident. However, these are the
basic requirements and the recommended coverage amount may sometimes go
far beyond these figures, depending on your specific needs. It is
advisable to look at various coverage options available and invest in
higher value insurance policies that provide advanced compensation and
higher pay out.
More details on Alabama state specific insurance policies are available
from the Alabama Department of Insurance in Montgomery by calling (334)
269-3550 or visiting their website at
Also, the rate of car insurance is severely affected by the different
types of coverage that are made available to you by different insurance
companies. Car insurance quotes are a blessing in disguise for those who
are familiar with insurance terms.


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