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Iowa Car Insurance

Iowa Car Insurance: A Useful Guide to

Car Insurance for IA Residents

In the state of Iowa, the only type of coverage needed is liability
coverage. The basic liability coverage here is 20/40/15, which can be
broken down as:
• $20,000 to cover Bodily Injury Liability per person per accident
• $40,000 to cover Bodily Injury Liability for all individuals involved in the accident
• $15,000 to cover Property Injury Liability
Consumers can obtained more details on IA state specific guidelines the
Iowa Insurance Division in Des Moines, either by calling 877-955-1212 or
visiting their website at
There are other options like comprehensive and collision insurance,
uninsured/under insured Motorist policy, and GAP insurance, but these are
not mandatory in Iowa.
For car drivers in Iowa, getting the best car insurance deal at an
affordable price is a priority. But most people don’t know the steps to
take to get that perfect deal. Here is how you can get cheap insurance
quotes from car insurance companies in Iowa:

Asking for Discounts:

Car owners are recommended to ask their insurance company or the
insurance agent if you can benefit from any discounts. Car insurance
companies provide cheap quotes to people based on their profession.
People working from their home, or living near their workplace or
educational institution pay lower premiums. They are categorized as low
risk since they travel less and have a lower chance of getting into an
accident. Locations are also classified as high risk or low risk
depending on the crime rate in the area. If you move into a locality
with a low rate of car theft and vandalism, you can qualify for a cheap
insurance quote. You can also get discounts with some insurers if you
are a senior citizen.

Multiple Drivers Auto Insurance Policy:

Registering the names of all family members on a single policy is a good
option to get cheap quotes from car insurance companies.

Renewing Policies

Car insurance companies provide good discounts when you renew the policy
with the same company. Not claiming anything during this term can also
qualify you for a discount in the next term.

Taking a Driving Course

Car insurance companies offer low premiums to people who take defensive
driving course. Drivers who pass these special courses are considered
low risk and less prone to accidents. You need to submit the certificate
you’ll receive upon successfully completing the course to the insurance
company to benefit from the low premium.

Getting Good Grades:

Auto insurance companies can provide young drivers with a cheap quote if they have secured good grades in school/college.

Maintaining a Good Driving Record

You can get a cheap car insurance quote if you have a good driving
record and haven't received a speeding ticket for a long time.


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