Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mississippi Car Insurance

Mississippi Car Insurance: Simple

Guide to Auto Insurance Requirements in MS

If you are looking for car insurance in Mississippi online, you may have
come across many sites that have many facts about car insurance
requirements in Mississippi. Some sites claim that looking for car
insurance in Mississippi can be as tough as buying the car itself. This
is because the laws that guide the car insurance companies in the state
are not well defined about what the minimum liability requirements are,
the types of insurance coverage required by the law, or how much
insurance one needs to buy to ensure total protection against any
Mississippi is one of the few states in the USA that does not make it
mandatory for every driver to have liability car insurance. According to
Mississippi traffic law, if a driver is willing to pay from his/her own
pocket for the expenses of the damage occurred due to an accident, then
the driver doesn't’t need to not have liability insurance.
Things have changed since then. On February 23, 2000, Governor of
Mississippi, Ronnie Musgrove, signed a bill making liability insurance
mandatory for every car driver in Mississippi. In 2006, the minimum
liability required by law for all drivers was established. In addition,
as per the law the minimum liability requirement is $25,000 per person,
$50,000 per accident and $25,000 for any damage caused to property due
to an accident.
More information regarding Mississippi’s insurance requirements can be
obtained by contacting the Mississippi Insurance Department located in
Jackson by calling 800-562-2957 or by visiting their website at
Some of the things you should also know about Car insurance in Mississippi are listed below:
Since the law has made it mandatory for all car drivers to have car
insurance, you must carry your copy of insurance in your car to produce
it when you are asked by any traffic officer. If you are not able to
produce your insurance proof, you will be immediately issued a ticket
and your driving history will be affected.
The liability limit of the Mississippi is very low as compared to other states.
When you purchase car insurance in Mississippi, the insurance you choose
should be such that it would offer you total coverage. The insurance
you choose should correspond to your needs concerning price and coverage
We recommend that you don’t limit your auto insurance coverage to
minimum liability coverage, but also consider other options such as
coverage against theft, repairs, uninsured motorists and other natural
If you have an insurance policy, which offers you an expanded coverage,
you can have a peaceful and hassle free drive. Also, according to a
recent study, buying expanded insurance coverage is not as expensive in
Mississippi as in other states.


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