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New Jersey Car Insurance

New Jersey Car Insurance: Simple

Guide to Buying Car Insurance in NJ

The basic coverage in the state of New Jersey is required to be 15/30/5,
with upper limits of 15/30. Limit for Property Damage Liability is
$5,000 and for Personal Injury protection it is $15,000. In a standard
policy, the Bodily Injury Liability is $15,000 with a limit of $30,000.
Property damage Liability has the limit of $5,000.
The state of New Jersey requires minimum Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
coverage of $15,000 per person with the limit of $30,000. The limit for
Uninsured Motorist Property Damage is $5,000.
New Jersey has a Choice No-fault System where the driver can reject the
No-Fault options and has the right to sue for any bodily injuries caused
to him/her by another party. There is also an option called PIP, or
Personal Injury Protection, which helps you pay for medical expenses,
sustained by you and passengers in your vehicle. Minimum Personal Injury
Protection of $15,000 is required in the state of New Jersey. Residents
of New Jersey paid an average premium of $2,489 in 2009 compared with
$1,807, the national average.
More specific information on NJ insurance policies can be obtained by
contacting New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance in Trenton by
calling 1-800-446-SHOP (7467) or visiting their web site at For now, here are some tips to find cheap car insurance quotes in New Jersey:

1) Compare Quotes:

Cheap car insurance quotes can be found by comparing the quotes offered
by different car insurance companies. The rates differ from company to
company based on factors like your age and driving record. It is prudent
to be aware that having a cheap insurance quote does not mean having
the best. The speed and the way the company handles its claims is also

2) Increase Deductibles:

If you decide to pay a higher deductible, you will get a lower car
insurance quote. If you select a low deductible with a higher premium,
you have less to pay if a claim is made. You also have the option of a
higher deductible with low premium, but more money to pay out of your
pocket if a claim is made.

3) Discounts:

It is prudent to ask the car insurance companies if they offer any
discounts. Car insurance companies offer you a discount if you insure
your car and home at the same time. You are qualified for a discount if
you are not involved in an accident or haven't gotten a ticket for some
time. Cars that are less likely to be stolen are also offered discounts.
That is why installing a security systems in your car is a good option.
The car insurance companies also give you a special rate if your car
has less mileage on it.

4) Your Car:

Purchasing an old or used car can get a cheaper auto insurance premium.


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