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Virginia Car Insurance

Virginia Car Insurance: Residents 

Guide to State Requirements

Car insurance is mandatory in all states by law, but the requirements of
auto insurance differ in each state. Virginia has its own unique
requirements for car insurance. A driver new to the state must educate
himself about specific laws to avoid getting into trouble with the
authorities. Once you know about specific car insurance requirements of
Virginia state law, you can buy the best coverage according to your
The tort system that the state of Virginia follows requires that someone
must be at fault of causing the accident, and the responsible party
must pay for all the damages.
All drivers need to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance.
Liability is one of two types of insurance; bodily injury liability and
property damage liability. The bodily injury liability includes the
medical bills of drivers who may get injured or killed in vehicle
accident. In case the matter goes to court, then bodily injury liability
also includes the legal expenses and compensation for the affected
Property damage liability is the insurance that you need to pay for the
repairs of your victim's vehicle. However, this liability may also
include other property that gets damaged during the accident, such as
houses or fences.
The state of Virginia has set the minimum amount for bodily injury
liability as $25,000 with an upper limit of $50,000. Minimum property
damage liability is $20,000.
The basic coverage is referred to as 25/50/20 coverage with 25/50 UM limits.
Unlike most states, Virginia state requires all of its drivers to have
uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage protects drivers against the
huge costs that one would have to incur in the case of an accident with
an uninsured driver.
The minimum amount for both bodily injury and property damage liabilities are the same as usual insurance.
These are the basic requirements of law in Virginia. You can also opt
for more comprehensive coverage to insure yourself and your vehicle.
You can also purchase medical and funeral expense benefits for up to
$2000 per person. Loss of income benefits can be bought for up to $100
per week for a maximum period of a year.
For more information regarding VA auto insurance policies, you may
contact the Virginia Bureau of Insurance in Richmond by calling
804-371-9741or by visiting their website at .


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