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South Carolina Car Insurance

South Carolina Car Insurance: Easy

 Guide to Auto Insurance in SC

If you are a car owner in South Carolina and you choose not to have car
insurance, you would have to pay a fine of $550 to the state every year.
Apart from the fine to the state, you also have to pay for all the
expenses from your own pocket if you get into an accident.
Every driver in South Carolina, as per the law, is required to have
minimum liability coverage of $25,000 to pay for the medical expenses of
a single person who suffers bodily injuries in an accident. Each driver
has to have a minimum of $50,000 coverage to pay for the expenses, if
more than one person is injured in an accident. If the driver causes any
damage to private property, the minimum coverage required is $25,000.
For detailed information pertaining to South Carolina insurance
requirements and information on companies that sell auto insurance
residents can contact the South Carolina Department of Insurance through
their web site,, or by calling their office in Columbia at 1-800-768-3467.
The state of South Carolina has diverse geographic conditions and if you
live in the interior parts of the state, you would not have to pay more
for your car insurance. This is because in rural areas, since there is
not much traffic, the probability of accidents is less. On the contrary,
if you live in city, the roads are filled with traffic and the chance
of getting into an accident is much higher. Also, in urban areas there
is a risk of car thefts unlike in rural areas where car thefts are less.
Apart form your geographic location there are other factor that can affect your premium rates.
Your record as a driver has a significant effect on your car insurance.
If you are a safe driver and have not been involved in accidents, your
premium rates will be lowered by the insurance companies in South
Carolina. If you have a bad driving history, the insurance company will
categorize you as a high-risk driver and consequently your premium rates
will be hiked up.
Your gender also affects your premium rates when buying insurance in
South Carolina. Most car insurance companies in the state impose higher
premium rates for men than for women. This is because the insurance
companies believe that men are more vulnerable to accidents whereas,
women are safe drivers.
If you are a teenager in South Carolina, you may have to pay more for
your car insurance. If you are aged above 55, your insurer may offer you
a discount on your premium.
South Carolina is one of the few states where the marital status of a
person has an effect on the car insurance rates. Insurance companies
offer discounts to married people because, according to studies, married
people are statistically less likely to be involved in accident which
also reduces the likelihood of making an insurance claim.


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