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Texas Car Insurance

Texas Car Insurance: Quick Guide to

State Requirements

Car Insurance laws differ from state to sate. Texas is no fault state,
which implies that someone must be at fault for causing the accident.
When an accident happens, the driver liable for causing damages is held
responsible and the insurance company pay up for damages and injury as
per the terms of the policy. The state is also referred to as a "Tort
As per the Texas car insurance laws, it is mandatory for all car owners
to have a liability insurance policy. If you think you can get away
without having proper insurance, you may be running the risk of getting
caught by traffic law enforcement officers who are constantly vigil and
are on the lookout for auto insurance evaders.
More specific information on TX auto insurance regulations consumers can
contact the Texas Department of Insurance, located in Austin, on
800-252-3439 or by visiting their website at For now, here are some basic rules everyone should know.
The minimum requirements for car insurance according to the law in Texas are:
  • Bodily Injury Liability Limits (per person) - $25,000
  • Bodily Injury Liability Limits (per accident) - $50,000
  • Property Damage Liability Limits (per accident) - $25,000
According to the car insurance laws in Texas, uninsured car insurance
coverage is not required. But, insurance against uninsured/under insured
car drivers is available in Texas and it is recommended to have one.
Texas car insurance rules are quite easy to follow. Most car insurance
companies in Texas operate under the uniform code 25/50/25 and offer
coverage as stated per state legal requirements. The Texas insurance law
enforcers have recently enforced a new law, The Texas Sure law to
insure cars. The law is enforced with a view to end the woes of the
rising fake insurers in the state. The law requires the driver of the
car to enter his license plate number into the police computer system.
If you drive in the state of Texas, you should have a minimum amount of
liability insurance.
If you are driving around in Texas and get stopped by a police officer,
the first thing he/she will ask for is a copy of your auto insurance and
if you do not have one you will immediately be issued a ticket, which
would show on your driving record.
One way by which mandatory insurance is enforced in Texas, is when you
go to register your car or to renew you car registration, you first need
to show proof of your car insurance coverage. If you fail to produce a
copy of your insurance, you will be issued two tickets for expired
registration and one for not having proof of insurance.
These laws are being strictly enforced for the benefit of the car
drivers. The laws also protect the interest of the various Car Insurance
Companies in the state. It also aims to reduce the number of accident
on the roads and ensure drivers responsibility.


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