Saturday, December 20, 2014

Vermont Car Insurance

Vermont Car Insurance: Simple Guide

 to VT Car Insurance Requirements

The traffic laws of Vermont require all drivers to have car insurance,
as it is the case with other states in the US. However, getting good and
affordable car insurance in Vermont can be a difficult task. But first,
drivers need to comply with basic insurance legal requirement.
Vermont minimum legal auto insurance coverage should meet the following requirements:
  • Bodily injury liability: 25,000 for single individual injury / 50,000 for additional individual injuries.
  • Property damage liability: 10,000 to cover property damage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured bodily damage liability: 50,000 for single
    underinsured individual injury / 100,000 for additional uninsured bodily
More details on VT auto insurance policies can be found on the website
of the Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health
Care Administration at their website or by contacting their Montpelier office on 802-828-330.
There are a plenty of car insurance companies in Vermont and each of
these companies, which are registered under the Vermont's Insurance
Regulator, offer different quotes. There are roughly about 99 state
insurance companies in Vermont.
Many drivers debate whether they should opt for insurance from a State
Insurance Company or a National Insurance company. It is better to have
insurance from a state insurance company because not all insurance
companies are authorized to operate in all states. So if you opt for
insurance from a national company, you have to be sure it is licensed in
your state.
The premium rates vary from company to company in Vermont. This is
mainly because insurance companies in Vermont have a different set of
rates and different types of drivers in the state. Some car insurance
companies have their focus on immature and inexperienced drivers,
whereas other insurance companies in Vermont focus mainly on mature,
experienced drivers.
Like most other states of the USA, in Vermont, the cost of the premium
is high if you age is under below 25. If you have a bad driving record,
your premium rate is likely to increase as well. If you have a good
security system installed in your car like GPS, safety brake locks or
air bags, you would get a discount on your premiums.
In Vermont, if you are looking for cheap car insurance, the first thing
you need to do is to get as many insurance quotes as possible. When you
get the quotes, compare them and select the one that best suits your
needs. But before buying insurance, you must ask you insurer how you can
reduce your rates without having to compromise on coverage. If you fail
to research the insurance quotes, you could be losing out on the
cheapest auto insurance coverage available for your needs.
The cheapest auto insurance you purchase should have the basic minimum
liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage. But you can
add coverage to your basic insurance such as collision coverage,
comprehensive coverage, and rental reimbursement coverage, underinsured
and uninsured coverage.


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