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Definition of insurance: Risk-transfer mechanism that ensures full or partial financial compensation for the loss or damage caused by event(s) beyond the control of the insured party. Under an insurance contract, all type of insurance policy and solution news, rules, latest information take from this site

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Definition of insurance: Risk-transfer mechanism that ensures full or partial financial compensation for the loss or damage caused by event(s) beyond the control of the insured party. Under an insurance contract, all type of insurance policy and solution news, rules, latest information take from this site

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Definition of insurance: Risk-transfer mechanism that ensures full or partial financial compensation for the loss or damage caused by event(s) beyond the control of the insured party. Under an insurance contract, all type of insurance policy and solution news, rules, latest information take from this site

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Definition of insurance: Risk-transfer mechanism that ensures full or partial financial compensation for the loss or damage caused by event(s) beyond the control of the insured party. Under an insurance contract, all type of insurance policy and solution news, rules, latest information take from this site

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Definition of insurance: Risk-transfer mechanism that ensures full or partial financial compensation for the loss or damage caused by event(s) beyond the control of the insured party. Under an insurance contract, all type of insurance policy and solution news, rules, latest information take from this site

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Car Hire United States with Traffic Information

General Information

United States can be considered many destinations in just one. Its large size and geographic diversity make this country know to become an adventure. Whatever the type of tourism they want to do, the United States has a tourist offer to suit you: from active nature tourism and adventure tourism and shopping city. For the visitor the United States is now more than ever the land of opportunity. His endless possibilities will always leave you wanting more. Cross its vast territory with a rental car in United States.


Although US law sets the minimum age for car rental in 21 years, you can rent a car from destinations in some 18 years. Age may vary according to destination due to the laws of each state. In most cases, drivers under 25 must pay an additional fee for novice drivers considered. The international driving license is required to drive a rental car in the United States.

Car Hire United States with Traffic Information

Speed ​​Limits

In the US, speed limits are set by each state. That's why the limits vary from state to state. In general terms can be established as follows:

in town between 24 and 72km / h (15-45 mph)
Road: 89-121 km / h (55-75 mph)
highway: 89-129 km / h (55-80 mph)

Traffic rules

In the US you drive on the right. Distances are measured in miles. The use of seat belts is compulsory and the use of child seats in the case of traveling with children. It is imperative that tourists driving a rental car carry throughout the trip: the lease, car papers, driving license and passport in order.

Gas Stations

In the US you drive on the right. Distances are measured in miles. The use of seat belts is compulsory and the use of child seats in the case of traveling with children. It is imperative that tourists driving a rental car carry throughout the trip: the lease, car papers, driving license and passport in order.


The United States has an extensive network of roads linking the whole country. Some of the major highways are toll roads. Its English name is? Turnpikes? although most are free.


Never park in front of curbs yellow as they indicate emergency exits and must therefore be kept free of vehicles. Regulated prices or parking can be high in big cities like New York.

Insurance Information

General information

Insurance for rental cars vary greatly from country to country. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the information we offer before making your reservation. The rules of the country where the vehicle lease will prevail as long as the rent.

All our car hire rates include fire insurance and third party insurance and insurance against damage and theft. Note that some credit cards include in their travel insurance benefits that cover damage to rental cars. All information about your booking and contract insurance for your rental car can find in your confirmation voucher once the reservation is made.


General Information

It is allowed to travel from one state to another without any additional charge. Most rental companies allow travel to Canada without having to pay extra fee. According to the rental company, you may travel to Mexico and the State of Alaska. In the latter case, you are only allowed to drive on paved roads and highways. Those showing damage vehicles driving on unpaved roads, the insurance will not cover damage them. Before starting your trip, find out about the conditions of his rent a car in United States.

In most cases it is mandatory to return the rental car in the same place where it was collected. In some cases it is possible to collect your car in Los Angeles and return to San Francisco without having to pay an additional charge. Also within the State of Florida it is possible to collect and return the rental car in different locations without paying any charge.

International One-Way car (pick up the car in one country and return it to another) is not allowed.

How to crossing the border with the United States and Canada?

After several years in and out of the United States and Canada with the van, you end up realizing a number of details that can simplify the tedious border crossing. It will always be annoying, but if you follow these simple rules, the possibility of a bad experience is much smaller.

These tips apply to all, but especially for those traveling on four wheels, van, road, car or limousine.

Note that immigration agents are human beings who are led by their impressions to guess your intentions. Did you ever see the TV series Lie to me? Well, I'm sure they did not see, she studied.

Take your vehicle ordered. If you go to check your vehicle and find that is full of clutter, you may do so completely empty. That's what happened to Zulema a grandmother Argentina a few years ago made the trip to Alaska with her dog. She wore so much in its road it was not possible to check what was behind the first line of boxes. I still remember their obscenities online.

How to crossing the border with the United States and Canada?

He speaks English. No matter that the identification of the agent who serves you say Lopez, Martinez or last name. As far as possible into the country must speak the local language. Especially in the United States and Canada.

Do not be sympathetic, or funny, or friend. Do not try to befriend the customs inspector or immigration officer. First, because they already have their own friends. Second, because even though we think the world should not have borders, they take their work seriously. And your job is to keep the borders of their country. You can only loosen the formal rictus if they start an informal conversation. They are human, and you may like to travel.
The first or second question is usually 'what comes to making our country?' Or 'where are you going?'. It's your chance to make clear that X months or years you're traveling and your intention is to make tourism, know your country, get to Alaska ago. Pick out all 10 spots for those who are spending and the reciting. Nor will pass the line and give them a lesson in geography.
Always have on hand a direction in the United States or Canada. No matter you do not know the person who lives there, for them is an important box to be filled. In addition, an address in the United States will help you get insurance for your vehicle.

Immigration agents and bloody / fussy customs are beginners and those who were born in another country, who immigrated to the United States or Canada and got their citizenship after many years of work. Of course there are many white but, if you follow the three previous recommendations and crosses for an important step, usually arise less doubt that Latinos (we touched on entering the first time in Canada), Filipinos (the second) and Pakistan (third between Point Roberts and Vancouver, British Columbia).
Never question his orders. If you say that you park in a certain place, you do not ask. If they ask you to open a door, you open that door. If you ask what's in a box, you tell them what's in the box. Carefully read the signs around you, in some places you have to stay in your vehicle or stop in a line or particular orientation. Do not draw more attention than necessary.

If you have a passport which does not need a prior approval, do not forget to fill out the ESTA online. It is a form where you give all your data before traveling to the United States. A few months ago Anna renewed his passport in Spain and should have returned to complete the form before entering the United States. But he did not. Fortunately the immigration officer had a good day and allowed him to fill in the ESTA on the land border with Canada.
The final visa you would get at the border, beyond which you have brought the visa in your home country or you do not need a prior visa. The agent who serves you at the border is the one who has the last word. Be kind and patient. Impatience border does not get you anywhere.

If you are traveling, always carry documents confirming your story. May be the address of a website or blog where you counting your trip as you go, a relatively current summary of money you have in your bank or your insurance valid for travel US or Canada vehicle. It helps to have names of cities, countries, flags and maps on the outside of your vehicle.

Not seen as a tramp. I know the clothes we use is part of our personality, but it is important to be clean, that does not smell bad.
Always try to crossimportant steps. On the border between the US and Mexico are accustomed to travelers but not so between the United States and Canada. There are small steps, almost neighborhood, where ever you want to look suspicious to cross there. Remember that good border agents are important steps, and the wicked fools and are inexperienced in the secondary steps. If you have everything in order, these are the ones you can create problems.

Now prepare your best poker face and good route. United States and Canada are full of amazing places worth visiting. Another tip? Forget about the cities purchase the annual pass to national parks and jumps National Park National Park without paying entrance.

What do you need to drive in Canada?

Canada has a great highway system that connects the majority of the population.

To drive a motor vehicle in Canadian highways, you need a valid driver's license, a vehicle that can be bought, rented, imported, etc. Here you will learn the basic regulations on the regulation in Canada.

What do you need to drive in Canada?

Driving license (Driver's License)

An international driving license acquired in a foreign country can be used to drive in Canada. If you are spending under a year in Canada, international driving license will suffice. If you want to establish your permanent residence in Canada or you plan to stay for several years, you need to get a Canadian driver's license.

The rules for obtaining a driver's license vary in the provinces. In most provinces, there is a licensing system graduation Graduated Licensing System, where 3 tests to be performed within a period of time (usually two years) to obtain 3 levels of license are taught completely in order to qualify for the privilege of driving. For example, in Ontario they are G1, G2 and G3 levels for automobile drivers. G1 is the written test, G2 is the 15 minute test (about) on city streets and G is the final test on the city streets, highways, lasting about 45 minutes. There is a time limit during which a full G license must be obtained. In Ontario they are five years (this may vary in other provinces). For any level of license, you must go to the Ministry of Transport of the province.

If you come from the United States of America USA and possess a driver's license (no minors) for a period of two years, you may be eligible to swap your USA license poe a Canadian. Note that in this case, you must surrender your American license for the Canadian.

If you come from another country, you may be automatically eligible for a G1 or G2 license depending on the policy of the Ministry of Transport. In Ontario, contact the Ministry of Transportation Ontario for more information.

Cars, Cars, Automobiles

Canada is a large country, so residential and commercial areas tend to be spread out over vast distances. For many areas outside the city center, you're likely to need a car to travel to and from wherever you want to go. Before you buy or lease a car, you should consider other transportation options and evaluate your budget to determine how much you can spend.

Buy or sell

There are different options for buying a car: new, used, for cash or lease with option to purchase leased. You can buy it from a private seller, a dealer, an auction, or a company that is selling the vehicles in its fleet. To purchase a new car, go to a major dealer (such as VW, Toyota, Acura, GM) to find the car you like, you should negotiate the price, buy then register it. Usually, the dealer makes recording and sends you the car for a sum of money (around C $ 1,000 - expensive, considering that you can collect and record yourself). You can pay cash, get finance, lease or rent to own lease buy-back (a form of rental that allows the lessee purchase the car by a predetermined value after the contract expires). Dealers offer flexible financing terms for the purchase of new vehicles. Recent college graduates can get discounts from C $ 500 and more for purchase, if the seller has a Graduate Discount Program.

If you want a used car, you can buy it from a private individual and save some tax. In Ontario, sales tax on private vehicles is 8%; and 15% in auto sales. However, you should probably make a cash payment to a particular vendor, so no financing options. You can obtain financing most used car dealers (but be careful because interest rates can be very high). Local banks also offer loans for the purchase of vehicles and interest rates tend to be better than you will get from a dealer.

To register your vehicle you have a buyer, you need the following:

Driver license

Emissions test. Emission Test (Drive Clean in Ontario)
Security Certificate. Safety Certificate (confirming the operating status of the car and its ability to be driven)
Ownership document signed, dated and with all the information filled in the Information Package Ontario Used Vehicle Used Vehicle Information Package (required only in private sales)
Valid insurance for the vehicle register
Sales Tax (8% of sales particularly in Ontario)
Vehicle plates. License Plates
Validation Sticker (available for periods of 1 and 2 years in Ontario)
Most dealer’s complete the registration process in full for a sum of money.


Sometimes renting a car is an option worth considering. There are several national car rental companies with a wide variety of cars. There are also local rental companies that are generally cheaper, but have older vehicles.

If you decide to rent, be sure to inspect the vehicle for damage before renting. Check the mileage corresponds to what the contract says. Buy insurance. Driving a rental car without insurance places the burden of liability on the lessor.

Importing a car

If you want to import a car, the first thing you should do is contact the Ministry of Transport in the province to see whether the vehicle can be imported into Canada under the current transportation regulations. In Ontario, visit the Ministry of Transportation website to find out more about importing regulations. In short, if you want a car Canadian Importer, it must be a certain age, and must comply with the Canadian safety standard transport. You must pay import taxes in addition to federal and provincial tax sale.

Under the Traffic Act, insurance is mandatory for all vehicles. Not having insurance is punishable by strict monetary fines. For example, in Ontario, driving a vehicle without insurance may result in a fine of C $ 5,000 for the first offense and more for a second or third offense.

The insurance can be purchased from a number of insurance agents. Some financial and other institutions also offer insurance plans. Many employers have group insurance plans for their employees. For foreigners, it is usually more expensive to buy insurance because they have insurance history with a Canadian insurance company. Sometimes the letters confirming that the foreigner had car insurance in the country of origin can help save money when obtaining insurance in Canada, however, this practice varies among insurers.

Maximum alcohol levels

Drinking and Conducer is a very serious offense in Canada. Each province has different levels of blood alcohol permitted in drivers. If you get caught driving over those levels, you could end up in jail!. Check with each provincial authorities or with the Canadian Auto Club of your preference (e.g. to find out about legal maximum alcohol levels are in the blood while driving. It is best to only take soft drinks or soda if you're driving!

Advice to rent a car in USA and NY

If you travel to New York because I tell you to rent a car to stay in Manhattan is a mistake. Yet I'm sure many of you are thinking of leaving the city and explore other areas near New York (in the state, Connecticut, Boston, Philadelphia, see the Amish, etc.) If this is the case, you It can be very helpful to rent a car and moved away freely. Similarly, all the advice I will give you can be useful to rent a car in other parts of the United States, since in many cases it is essential to have one.

First of all, and from our personal experience traveling a lot and renting cars in New York and the United States, our company of reference is Avis. Multiple times we have rented with them, the process has been transparent, we have rapidly delivered the car and there has been no problem; the cars were perfectly and the only time we had an incident on the road, they sent a new car without question. It is true that we now work with them, but if we accept it was because we had previously gone very well and we always like to recommend that we use.
If you want to start before you can read our road trip in the northeastern coast of the United States!

States Road Trip

Advice to rent a car in USA and NY

What documents need to rent a car in United States? Generally you will not need more than a driver's license from your country and a credit card. No need to get you out international license, but surely you would have him greater security. With Avis you need a credit card and your original driver's license. Generally you must be between 25 and 71 years, although paying an extra you can sometimes compensate for this.

How can you reserve your car? The easiest and best deals where you can find is doing it through the web. You can also call us up and we did it through Twitter.

Who can drive the rental car? May only drive the car rented those who have registered as drivers. This issue is taken very seriously here when damages and insurance, so do not risk. But only one of the drivers must present a credit card.

What takes the rental car insurance and what warranties cover? One of the most important issues. In New York by default, all the cars must carry liability insurance that is not charged separately. In the rest of the state cannot have any insurance? Our advice is that you look good before renting the conditions and if you can, that your credit card carries an embedded secure. With this theme you not play in the United States.

How does the issue of gasoline work? Give it back with the same amount you've caught. Usually next to the collection offices usually a gas station.

Where I can drive the rental car? When you rent a car in United States you must ensure that you have allowed to leave the state where you rent. With Avis you can drive your car across the United States and Canada. Furthermore you do not have to select the same office pickup and delivery, something great for the theme of the great US routes.

How are the cars available in the United States? I think this is one of the things I love about America: a small car is a midsize car in almost any other country. Therefore, price of small cars you take some mid range. Of course, most cars are automatic transmission, which is quite common in the United States.

Where I can travel from New York by car? There are many destinations that travel from Manhattan if you have a car. The state of New York itself has stunning locations (the vineyards of Long Island, Upstate autumn, beautiful villages). Then there are the fall and as you get to Canada. In Connecticut and Massachusetts you will vibrate with the feel of New England. Cities like Boston, Lexington and many more are worth visiting. New Jersey is for those who love nature. Washington DC and Pennsylvania are a few kilometers away and offer a multitude of things to do. And if you have more time Maine, Maryland and many other states will be delighted.

Tips for traveling by car and driving in United States

America is a country that is designed for automobile use, so that when, for example, ask yourself a tourist trip along the west coast, certainly the best option is to rent a car to head towards the different views that you're going to do.
Then I'll give you some useful tips for your journey to the United States.

1. Driving on a journey across America presents no difficulty. In all major routes have long highways with many lanes, which lets you scroll (if you need it ...) quickly between different cities.

Highway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas
2. When there is no highway and you have to take a state highway, usually in excellent condition, with soft paths and wide curves, making it easier overtaking and foster safe driving.
On mountain roads, such as the Yosemite National Park in California, roads, with logical areas curves, also you find pretty good condition.

Tips for traveling by car and driving in United States

3. On motorways there are often a lot of traffic, especially in coastal areas running along both the east coast and in the west. But they have so many lanes wide, it is difficult to find yourself jams.

 4. Yes, the traffic jams are inevitable in the vicinity of large cities and especially in dates of holidays and peak times. In any case, we find much more traffic on the highways of the East Coast, for example, between New York and Washington, that the West Coast.

5. Eye to speed limits ... will see that everybody respects you, so that you will be driving on a highway with many lanes very common ... and all cars at the same rate in different lanes.
Speed ​​limits vary by roads and highways, so look carefully in each case what is the limit. It is usual limit of 60 miles per hour.

6. You will be surprised to find you on the highway trucks circulating in the left lane at a speed contained and not moving in any case the right lanes. You will have to overtake on the right.

7. During your trip on the highways in the United States will find many areas with all kinds of services: gas stations, motels several different chains, several fast food restaurants ... In short, you will have no problem when you need to refuel the car, eating, or choose where to sleep.
However, it is not the same when you drive on the roads inside the West Coast, visiting national parks of Utah and Arizona. Service areas distancing between 50 and 70 kilometers, so you must plan well your needs.

8. The highway and road signage is usually excellent, making it easy to locate the places they want to visit. However, around the big cities you have to be very attentive to the signs because there is usually a very complex conglomerate of highways.

9. When access to a major city in your rental car, you must have much attention, but it is not difficult to reach your destination in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington. Apart is the case of Los Angeles, an incredibly large city where it is not so easy to navigate and move around it.

Consequently, the use of a GPS device can be highly recommended. If you do not have it, you can rent by the car.

How to hire the best travel insurance to United States

Many travelers when traveling to the United States decides not to hire travel insurance to simple ignorance United States last Christmas and I was one of them. We had planned a trip of 11 days in New York and Chicago and maybe by the inertia of the tranquility of our social security in Spain or the European Health Card that protects us from Europe, completely ignored the urgent need to take out insurance Yankee land trip before visiting.

How to hire the best travel insurance to United States

But fortunately, a few days before, talking to my friend Ignacio, he left the issue of travel insurance for the United States under a resounding and forceful "will you take insurance does not?" To which I replied with "neither is 100% required no ? ". He told me that, while he was in America during his world tour, a small bastard mosquito bit him on the ankle causing infection aura. In view of the situation, obviously she decided to go to the doctor. A brief consultation: diagnosis, pomaded, a bandage and disinfectant and wing, pa home. Well, "home country" but not before checking out. And therein lies the issue. Do not forget that US healthcare is not free and that visit so absurd was charged a whopping € 700. Lucky I had insurance. I happen to me something and not only just doing the dishes average hospital but I think that would end the Jamaican hospitalized I carry me. As you can see, after this or hire one thought me before you go.

According to the Office of Research and Quality medical care, medical consultation in the US it comes to cost an average of $ 155 while going to the emergency room doctor you can go for about $ 1000. Crazy.
Who hire travel insurance to United States?

After grieves moment, I obviously started looking for travel insurance and ask for the US like crazy and after contrast and compare insurance Ampere, Axe, Underworld, IATI, etc. ... I opted for the latter for the following reasons:

Easy to hire about drawing insurance on your website
Super low price
In an emergency you have a number 24h to collect. It would be a bitch who put me bad and above paying a conference.
When it comes to pay for the consultation is they who put the pasta. You do not have to anticipate anything. This most insurers do not.
Recommendation loads of friends and fellow bloggers RTW (Round the World)
How much does the insurance for America?

Your insurance rates will vary depending on the days you stay in the US. Here I leave a little board with prices that would cost you to hire a travel insurance to United States for one person. The amounts have gathered at the prices directly from the web of IATI

Security Type / Days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 8 days 9 days 10 days
IATI Basic € 18.28 € 22.88 € 28.13 € 29.13 € 29.20 € 31.44 € 33.47
Cancellation IATI Standard + € 29.98 € 29.98 € 29.98 € 29.98 € 34.40 € 38.91 € 52.60
IATI Estrella € 42.65 € 42.65 € 42.65 € 42.65 € 48.00 € 53.35 € 70.37
Cancellation IATI Star + € 44.91 € 44.91 € 44.91 € 44.91 € 50.55 € 56.19 € 73.89
But which one to catch? It all depends on your budget and what you want to spend on toppings but if you notice, according to the number of days may be able to get better interest insurance coverages little more pasta.
What coverage includes every type of insurance?

Medical / type coverage Basic + Basic Insurance + Cancellation Star
Foreign Medical Assistance € 15,000 € 30,000 € 60,000 € 60,000
Medical Assistance Spain € 1,000 € 2,500 € 900 € 900
Dental expenses € 30 € 100 150 € 150 €
Cancellation fees - € 1,500 - € 2,000
Personal liability € 30,000 € 60,000 € 60,000 € 60,000
Theft and damage to luggage € 300 € 600 € 900 € 900
Defense foreign criminal liability € 3,000 € 3,000 € 3,000 € 3,000
Warranty accident disability € 6,000 € 6,000 € 18,000 € 18,000
Guarantee death accidents in public transport € 6,000 - - -
Claims for damages abroad - € 2,000 € 3,000 € 3,000
Warranty accident death - € 2,000 € 4,000 € 4,000
Repatriation and transportation, sick / deceased 100% 100% 100% 100%
Moving a family 100% 100% 100% 100%
Stay abroad costs € 420 € 750 € 1,000 € 1,000
Early return for hospitalization or death in the family 100% 100% 100% 100%
Sending medicines abroad no existing 100% - - -
Search and locate luggage 100% 100% 100% 100%
Advance of funds € 1,500 € 1,000 € 1,500 € 1,500
Sending lost or stolen - 60 € 120 € 120 €
-5% Discount if you sign up from here!

Fortunately during my trip to the United States I did not have to use the safe but given the ease and price got with them and recommending my other fellow travelers that if they had to use their services, I recommended them to stop on the blog and I talked to them for my blog readers obtain a small discount of 5% when buying insurance here.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has launched a campaign to publicise the latest range of super-clean Euro 6 diesels

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has launched a campaign to publicize the latest range of super-clean Euro 6 diesels. This is to counter growing anti-diesel rhetoric in recent months, something the car industry body describes as “misguided”.
All new-to-market diesel cars meet Euro 6 emissions standards, and every single diesel car on sale will have to meet them by law from 1 September 2015.

Has the recent demonstration of diesel been fair?

The SMMT’s pro-diesel campaign, backed by CEOs from BMW UK, Ford of Britain, Jaguar Land Rover and Volkswagen, has been launched to “challenge the increasing demonetization of diesel”.
The organization has found that almost 9 in 10 UK adults are unaware of Euro 6 emissions standards – but over half blamed cars and commercial vehicles as the biggest cause of air pollution in the UK. This is incorrect, said the SMMT: power stations are the country’s biggest polluter, but less than 1 in 5 UK adults actually know that.

It would take 42 million Euro 6 diesel cars – four times the number of diesel cars on the road – to emit the same amount of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) pollutants as one coal-fired power station; there are currently 15 coal-fired power stations in the UK.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has launched a campaign to publicise the latest range of super-clean Euro 6 diesels

But exactly what is a Euro 6 diesel?

In brief, it is a car that meets super-strict emissions regulations that came into force in September 2014.
The outgoing exhaust emissions standard is called Euro 5, which became mandatory in 2011 for the sale of all new cars. Euro 6 standards are the next progression of this, and all new cars sold from 1 September 2015 must meet them.

There are already thousands of Euro 6-compliant cars in use on British roads; from September, every new car from the 2.3 million sold in Britain each year will become compliant – and as diesel accounts for around half the new car market, the environmental benefits are set to spread rapidly.

Why are Euro 6 diesels such a step on?

Meeting Euro 6 emissions regulations is, with a few exceptions, relatively straightforward for petrol engines. For diesel cars though, it is much more challenging.

Euro 5 regulations clamped down on exhaust particulates, which mean many new diesel models are fitted with standard exhaust particulate filters (particulates is less of an issue for petrol cars). This time, Euro 6 regulations are targeting a reduction in NOx, because they are a significant greenhouse gas and air pollutant.

Indeed, the greenhouse gas effect of nitrogen oxides itself is hundreds of times greater than carbon dioxide: it is the fourth largest contributor to greenhouse gas global warming.

The cut is large: a Euro 6 diesel car must emit more than 50 per cent less nitrogen oxides than a Euro 5 diesel. The cap is 80 mg/km, compared to a 180 mg/km allowance for Euro 5 diesels. The reduction from Euro 4 to Euro 5 was 20 per cent, showing how severe the reduction demanded by Euro 6 is.

Back in 2000, the nitrogen oxides limit was 500 mg/km, illustrating how large the reduction has been.

Local air pollution is also being tackled by Euro 6 standards with a cap on emissions of hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides from diesel cars. These are limited to 170 mg/km, compared to 230mg/km with the current Euro 5 regulations.

This is why Euro 6 regulations are so significant. Diesel engines naturally produce higher levels of nitrogen oxides than petrol cars. Euro 5 was a daunting target for diesel engines to meet, but Euro 6 is perhaps even more challenging.

To meet them, car manufacturers are having to invest in yet more new diesel engine filtration technology to clean up exhaust emissions. One example of this is Selective Catalytic Reduction, which stores emissions and then ‘selectively’ heats up to regenerate and neutralise the emissions. Another alternative is a fuel-borne urea solution (commonly known as ‘AdBlue’) which breaks down emissions in the exhaust.

Both ‘NOx filter’ solutions are costly. Diesel cars are already more expensive than comparable petrol models because of the costly exhaust after-treatment they require, and this will add to the price premium.

If you need Information about Insurance, Please follow links

Euro 6 emissions compliance will increasingly become a selling point over the next year or so, as the Euro 6 regulations become mandatory. What is not yet fully clear is how much it may add to the list price of diesel cars. The challenge for car manufacturers right now is to ensure it is kept as manageable as possible.

RAC chief engineer David Bizley said: “Diesel engines are generally more efficient than their petrol equivalent, though the gap is closing. The selection of diesel vehicles by an increasing  proportion of new car buyers in recent years has made a significant contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and has also reduced fuel bills for their drivers.

"There is evidence that the previous generation of diesel emission standards (Euro 4 and 5) that have applied to new vehicles purchased since 2006 have not delivered all of the reduction in emissions of nitrogen dioxide and have not been as great as forecast because the internationally agreed tests that the vehicles have to pass have not adequately reflected real world driving.

"These testing procedures are being addressed by the international standards community and there are no reasons to believe that the reductions in oxides of nitrogen associated with the new Euro 6 standard for diesel vehicles, which will apply to all new diesel vehicles from this September, will not be delivered.

“However, it would be wrong to penalize motorists retrospectively for choosing a diesel vehicle when they believed it to be the best choice from an environmental perspective because of its low carbon dioxide emissions. Motorists should therefore continue to select the vehicle type that best fits with their needs.