Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Advice to rent a car in USA and NY

If you travel to New York because I tell you to rent a car to stay in Manhattan is a mistake. Yet I'm sure many of you are thinking of leaving the city and explore other areas near New York (in the state, Connecticut, Boston, Philadelphia, see the Amish, etc.) If this is the case, you It can be very helpful to rent a car and moved away freely. Similarly, all the advice I will give you can be useful to rent a car in other parts of the United States, since in many cases it is essential to have one.

First of all, and from our personal experience traveling a lot and renting cars in New York and the United States, our company of reference is Avis. Multiple times we have rented with them, the process has been transparent, we have rapidly delivered the car and there has been no problem; the cars were perfectly and the only time we had an incident on the road, they sent a new car without question. It is true that we now work with them, but if we accept it was because we had previously gone very well and we always like to recommend that we use.
If you want to start before you can read our road trip in the northeastern coast of the United States!

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Advice to rent a car in USA and NY

What documents need to rent a car in United States? Generally you will not need more than a driver's license from your country and a credit card. No need to get you out international license, but surely you would have him greater security. With Avis you need a credit card and your original driver's license. Generally you must be between 25 and 71 years, although paying an extra you can sometimes compensate for this.

How can you reserve your car? The easiest and best deals where you can find is doing it through the web. You can also call us up and we did it through Twitter.

Who can drive the rental car? May only drive the car rented those who have registered as drivers. This issue is taken very seriously here when damages and insurance, so do not risk. But only one of the drivers must present a credit card.

What takes the rental car insurance and what warranties cover? One of the most important issues. In New York by default, all the cars must carry liability insurance that is not charged separately. In the rest of the state cannot have any insurance? Our advice is that you look good before renting the conditions and if you can, that your credit card carries an embedded secure. With this theme you not play in the United States.

How does the issue of gasoline work? Give it back with the same amount you've caught. Usually next to the collection offices usually a gas station.

Where I can drive the rental car? When you rent a car in United States you must ensure that you have allowed to leave the state where you rent. With Avis you can drive your car across the United States and Canada. Furthermore you do not have to select the same office pickup and delivery, something great for the theme of the great US routes.

How are the cars available in the United States? I think this is one of the things I love about America: a small car is a midsize car in almost any other country. Therefore, price of small cars you take some mid range. Of course, most cars are automatic transmission, which is quite common in the United States.

Where I can travel from New York by car? There are many destinations that travel from Manhattan if you have a car. The state of New York itself has stunning locations (the vineyards of Long Island, Upstate autumn, beautiful villages). Then there are the fall and as you get to Canada. In Connecticut and Massachusetts you will vibrate with the feel of New England. Cities like Boston, Lexington and many more are worth visiting. New Jersey is for those who love nature. Washington DC and Pennsylvania are a few kilometers away and offer a multitude of things to do. And if you have more time Maine, Maryland and many other states will be delighted.


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