Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How to crossing the border with the United States and Canada?

After several years in and out of the United States and Canada with the van, you end up realizing a number of details that can simplify the tedious border crossing. It will always be annoying, but if you follow these simple rules, the possibility of a bad experience is much smaller.

These tips apply to all, but especially for those traveling on four wheels, van, road, car or limousine.

Note that immigration agents are human beings who are led by their impressions to guess your intentions. Did you ever see the TV series Lie to me? Well, I'm sure they did not see, she studied.

Take your vehicle ordered. If you go to check your vehicle and find that is full of clutter, you may do so completely empty. That's what happened to Zulema a grandmother Argentina a few years ago made the trip to Alaska with her dog. She wore so much in its road it was not possible to check what was behind the first line of boxes. I still remember their obscenities online.

How to crossing the border with the United States and Canada?

He speaks English. No matter that the identification of the agent who serves you say Lopez, Martinez or last name. As far as possible into the country must speak the local language. Especially in the United States and Canada.

Do not be sympathetic, or funny, or friend. Do not try to befriend the customs inspector or immigration officer. First, because they already have their own friends. Second, because even though we think the world should not have borders, they take their work seriously. And your job is to keep the borders of their country. You can only loosen the formal rictus if they start an informal conversation. They are human, and you may like to travel.
The first or second question is usually 'what comes to making our country?' Or 'where are you going?'. It's your chance to make clear that X months or years you're traveling and your intention is to make tourism, know your country, get to Alaska ago. Pick out all 10 spots for those who are spending and the reciting. Nor will pass the line and give them a lesson in geography.
Always have on hand a direction in the United States or Canada. No matter you do not know the person who lives there, for them is an important box to be filled. In addition, an address in the United States will help you get insurance for your vehicle.

Immigration agents and bloody / fussy customs are beginners and those who were born in another country, who immigrated to the United States or Canada and got their citizenship after many years of work. Of course there are many white but, if you follow the three previous recommendations and crosses for an important step, usually arise less doubt that Latinos (we touched on entering the first time in Canada), Filipinos (the second) and Pakistan (third between Point Roberts and Vancouver, British Columbia).
Never question his orders. If you say that you park in a certain place, you do not ask. If they ask you to open a door, you open that door. If you ask what's in a box, you tell them what's in the box. Carefully read the signs around you, in some places you have to stay in your vehicle or stop in a line or particular orientation. Do not draw more attention than necessary.

If you have a passport which does not need a prior approval, do not forget to fill out the ESTA online. It is a form where you give all your data before traveling to the United States. A few months ago Anna renewed his passport in Spain and should have returned to complete the form before entering the United States. But he did not. Fortunately the immigration officer had a good day and allowed him to fill in the ESTA on the land border with Canada.
The final visa you would get at the border, beyond which you have brought the visa in your home country or you do not need a prior visa. The agent who serves you at the border is the one who has the last word. Be kind and patient. Impatience border does not get you anywhere.

If you are traveling, always carry documents confirming your story. May be the address of a website or blog where you counting your trip as you go, a relatively current summary of money you have in your bank or your insurance valid for travel US or Canada vehicle. It helps to have names of cities, countries, flags and maps on the outside of your vehicle.

Not seen as a tramp. I know the clothes we use is part of our personality, but it is important to be clean, that does not smell bad.
Always try to crossimportant steps. On the border between the US and Mexico are accustomed to travelers but not so between the United States and Canada. There are small steps, almost neighborhood, where ever you want to look suspicious to cross there. Remember that good border agents are important steps, and the wicked fools and are inexperienced in the secondary steps. If you have everything in order, these are the ones you can create problems.

Now prepare your best poker face and good route. United States and Canada are full of amazing places worth visiting. Another tip? Forget about the cities purchase the annual pass to national parks and jumps National Park National Park without paying entrance.


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