Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tips for traveling by car and driving in United States

America is a country that is designed for automobile use, so that when, for example, ask yourself a tourist trip along the west coast, certainly the best option is to rent a car to head towards the different views that you're going to do.
Then I'll give you some useful tips for your journey to the United States.

1. Driving on a journey across America presents no difficulty. In all major routes have long highways with many lanes, which lets you scroll (if you need it ...) quickly between different cities.

Highway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas
2. When there is no highway and you have to take a state highway, usually in excellent condition, with soft paths and wide curves, making it easier overtaking and foster safe driving.
On mountain roads, such as the Yosemite National Park in California, roads, with logical areas curves, also you find pretty good condition.

Tips for traveling by car and driving in United States

3. On motorways there are often a lot of traffic, especially in coastal areas running along both the east coast and in the west. But they have so many lanes wide, it is difficult to find yourself jams.

 4. Yes, the traffic jams are inevitable in the vicinity of large cities and especially in dates of holidays and peak times. In any case, we find much more traffic on the highways of the East Coast, for example, between New York and Washington, that the West Coast.

5. Eye to speed limits ... will see that everybody respects you, so that you will be driving on a highway with many lanes very common ... and all cars at the same rate in different lanes.
Speed ​​limits vary by roads and highways, so look carefully in each case what is the limit. It is usual limit of 60 miles per hour.

6. You will be surprised to find you on the highway trucks circulating in the left lane at a speed contained and not moving in any case the right lanes. You will have to overtake on the right.

7. During your trip on the highways in the United States will find many areas with all kinds of services: gas stations, motels several different chains, several fast food restaurants ... In short, you will have no problem when you need to refuel the car, eating, or choose where to sleep.
However, it is not the same when you drive on the roads inside the West Coast, visiting national parks of Utah and Arizona. Service areas distancing between 50 and 70 kilometers, so you must plan well your needs.

8. The highway and road signage is usually excellent, making it easy to locate the places they want to visit. However, around the big cities you have to be very attentive to the signs because there is usually a very complex conglomerate of highways.

9. When access to a major city in your rental car, you must have much attention, but it is not difficult to reach your destination in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington. Apart is the case of Los Angeles, an incredibly large city where it is not so easy to navigate and move around it.

Consequently, the use of a GPS device can be highly recommended. If you do not have it, you can rent by the car.


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